Submission Date: 09/13/2018

  RFP: Motion graphics for new public television series
  Field Studio
  Richmond, VA
Job Level
  Graphic Design
Job Functions
  Design and execute motion graphics for a new public television series
  Field Studio is a Richmond, Virginia-based documentary production company. Co-directors Hannah Ayers and Lance Warren produce media at the intersection of history and social justice, focusing on race, family, and community. Field Studio is currently developing a new documentary series for public television titled The Future of America’s Past.

Field Studio seeks the services of a motion graphics artist to develop and execute creative methods of displaying historic archival images, as well as titling and text. The selected artist will design and animate motion graphics that will be incorporated into four 26-minute episodes—the first half of our first season.

The Future of America’s Past is a host-driven, history-meets-travel show.  In each episode, we’ll take viewers to sites where some of the hardest moments of American history took place—and examine how site guides, activists, exhibit designers, architects, and community organizers are shaping the way we remember and grapple with that past.  We’re envisioning a show that looks and sounds decidedly unlike traditional public television shows, from content to cinematography to sound design and beyond.  We’re seeking collaborators with interest in history and social justice to help us define a fresh, challenging presentation of the past deeply rooted in the present.

Field Studio seeks new ideas for presenting historical archival images, which will play a key element in bringing evidence and visual interest to each episode. Slow pans and zooms are tired. What kind of motion, graphical elements, or treatment of the images themselves can make such images look striking and complement the stories they support?

This project will also involve production of minimal titling and text elements, though the art direction will come from branding work already underway. Field Studio seeks an entrepreneurial collaborator who wants to put their stamp on this project, offering fresh ideas to help draw viewers in and bring stories to life.

Specific Skills
  Motion graphics
Submission Details
  Project Requirements:
Provide initial concepts for feedback and review.
Design and execute motion graphics for displaying archival images in 30 – 60 second segments (totaling an estimated five minutes per episode), plus titles for the host and interviewees’ names and filming locations, for a total of four episodes.
Complete two rounds of revisions.Timeline:
September 24: Proposals due
September 26: Field Studio will notify all applicant artists of decision
October 5: Initial concepts due
October 22: Final assets due for pilot episode
In Spring 2019, Field Studio will work with the selected motion graphics artist to develop a timeline for assets to be used in the three additional episodes of our first half-season, with delivery by May 1.

The maximum budget for this project is $2,500 per episode ($10,000 total).

Submission requirements:
Approach and Mood Board: describe your vision for this project and provide a mood board.
Budget: provide an overall project cost estimate structured by categories relevant to your vision and process.
Timeline/work flow: detail your proposed work flow to meet the deadlines noted above.
Portfolio of work samples: provide 2-3 relevant work samples to demonstrate your experience with similar or related projects.
Contact information: provide your name, email address, and the city/region where you work.

Please submit proposals to Hannah and Lance at by 5:00pm Eastern on Monday, September 24.