AIGA encourages all colleges and universities to upgrade their student-run organizations to become officially-recognized AIGA Student Groups. The process is quite simple and more information can be found on the AIGA National site. In a nutshell, each student-run organization needs one faculty/staff advisor and ten students who are current members of AIGA. Once the faculty advisor submits the AIGA National Student Group Membership Form to AIGA National, the club’s status is upgraded the into an officially-recognized AIGA Student Group. By forming an AIGA Student Group, students are empowered to explore to design beyond the classroom and commit to the profession they have chosen. Being part of a campus AIGA Student Group also helps students gain more knowledge and a practical frame of reference about the many aspects and areas of design.

Each AIGA Student Group is encouraged and empowered to run their own programs—from juried exhibitions, to social events, to lectures. By managing and producing events, student designers develop a sense of responsibility and ownership and these experiences also provide a leadership training ground for future AIGA chapter officers. AIGA Student Groups also get premium status and extra collaborative privileges when working with the AIGA Seattle Board on planning city-wide educational events. This partnership adds to the rich schedule of design-related activities throughout Seattle.

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Interested in Starting a Student Group?

If you would like more information about starting an AIGA student group at your school, please email the Education Director for Student Groups or get started today by filling out the AIGA Student Group Agreement Form now!