Resource List - BLM

Resources for AIGA Richmond members and beyond.

Our commitment extends beyond this message. We will hold ourselves accountable, and we welcome you to hold us and each other accountable as well. 

Donate Locally

– Girls for a Change

– The Richmond Experience

– Richmond Peace Team

– Richmond for All

– Sister Fund

– NAACP Richmond Branch

Donate Nationally

– The Bail Project

– Black Lives Matter

– Black Visions Donations

– Minnesota Freedom Fund

– National Association of Black Journalists

– NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

Resources for Education and Support

– Anti-Racism Resources for white people and parents*OzUho-8ZFFCkngw-frSGWQ#

– Black Mental Health Resources

– Design Justice Resources for UX Designers

– Guide to Allyship by Amélie Lamont

– Hire Black Designers and support their careers

– How to Talk About Race

– Financial Literacy in the Black Community

Have a resource to add?

We want to hear how you’re joining us in our commitment to support Black lives in the Richmond area. Email us at to add your resources to our list.