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In Loving Memory & with Broken Hearts…

…we sadly share the news that our marvelous VA Storyteller, Maya Smith, passed away 6 September 2019. As we search for words and grasp for clarity, the only words that seem appropriate to share are HER words—from the lessons in her book, Flight of Friendship: (1) Choose your friends wisely. (2) Stay true to you. We feel honored that we were able to know her, work with her, and love her for as long as we did. We promise to continue to share her story—and her book—with all we come in contact with, in hopes that her ideas and words and invisible presence continue to uplift all who come to know her. Thank you, Melissa and Ron, for sharing your wonderful daughter with us. We look forward to a continued “flight of friendship” with you and all of those who are influenced by Maya’s starlight.

[NOTE: Maya’s book is currently out-of-print at RFP/HQ, but her family has copies in VA. If you are interested in either purchasing a copy or helping RFP fund another run, please contact Dallas. ( Thank you.]

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Sun, Sep 22, 2019 - Sun, Sep 29, 2019
Richmond, VA