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Dear Branch Friends and Supporters,
Your August newsletter is filled with so many fun activities surrounding the 60 Years of Italian Design exhibition, and it’s been a busy summer with great things yet to come. While all of that has surrounded us, our Board of Trustees has taken on an interesting challenge, to refine and better define our Mission and Vision. They’ve taken inspiration from the success of our Virginia by Design Awards, and we are posting it on our website next week, so you will be the first to get a sneak peek:
Our Purpose
Our purpose is to inspire our guests to discover and embrace their role in advancing design for the public good — design that creates connections, improves lives, strengthens communities, and transforms the world we share for the better.
Our Mission
Our mission is to present The Branch House as the one place in Virginia — because of its location and evolving story — where everyone can begin exploring design for the public good. 
Our Vision
Our vision is that with every visit, our guests leave with the inspiration, tools, and desire to advance design for the public good.
What follows next only begins with sending it out to you and posting it on our website. We are committed to implementing those words in everything we do and plan, and we’ll be talking about it a lot in the coming months, getting your input on what we see as an exciting path forward for The Branch. I hope you will become part of exploring design for the public good, joining us as we learn together how design helps communities and makes our lives better.  We will aim to inspire you, and I believe that you will also inspire us, providing us ideas that will lead The Branch in new directions. I look forward to crafting The Branch’s future together!
Penelope C. Fletcher
Executive Director
Lambos on the Lawn
Saturday, July 17th
11 a.m. – 2p.m.
For almost 60 years, Lamborghini has been a leading name in luxury high-performance cars. If you’ve ever wanted to see one of these beautiful Italian cars up close, and even have your picture taken with one, then come see the several Lamborghinis (new and classic) that will grace our back gardens!  
The $5 museum entry fee includes access to the exhibition in the galleries and the Lamborghini car show. Food will be available for purchase from the deluxe food truck EAT THIS!
Jay Barrows – Gallery Talk
Thursday, August 22
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Jay Barrows is curator of the Sydney and Frances Lewis Collection. Many pieces from that collection are featured in our exhibition 60 Years of Italian Design. Join Barrows for a private talk focused on the Lewis pieces. He will tell stories about the pieces in our exhibition as well as his years of working with Sydney and Frances Lewis.
Tickets $50 (members $40) – tickets limited to first 25 registrants
Saks Fifth Avenue –
Max Mara Fashion Show at The Branch
Thursday, September 5
6:30 – 8:00 p.m. 
Celebrate Italian fashion design! Saks Fifth Avenue will present the Max Mara Fall Collection in a private fashion show at The Branch. Sip a glass of wine, enjoy the exhibition and marvel at the Max Mara designs. It’s a great way to celebrate the best of Italian design!  
Tickets $45 – tickets limited to first 40 registrants
Thank you to Patsy Pettus for sponsorship of this event!
Maurice Beane – Gallery Talk
Thursday, September 12
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Maurice Beane of Richmond, is an artist, art dealer, and collector who is regionally based and nationally known for his deep knowledge and experience in the field of design. He is a renowned furniture designer and architectural metalworker. Join Maurice for a private talk and tour of the exhibit that he curated.
Tickets $20 (members $10) – tickets limited to first 25 registrants.
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