AIGA Richmond visits student groups around the state

Armed with only pizza, soda, and a few good intentions, AIGA Richmond made the visit to three student groups (so far) this Fall. Members of the Board of Directors made these trips to talk with students, explain what AIGA is, and the role the organization could play in their future. We were greeted with open hearts, eager minds and hungry tummies at Virginia Commonwealth University, Liberty University and Virginia State University.

AIGA Richmond treated attendees with pizza and soda, and acted as the speaker for that particular meeting of each AIGA student group. We shared some history of AIGA, where AIGA is now, the tangible and intangible benefits of membership, and all the resources available through the organization. Student Liaison Adrian Robertson (an alumni of VSU) specifically talked about how he benefitted from his student membership, in terms of finding a job and discovering a broad and knowledgeable network of like-minded professionals.

Special thanks go to the student faculty advisors at each school: Allison Schumacher (VCU), Sandra Slayton (Liberty), and Ann Ford (VSU): student group presidents: Ying Cheng (VCU), Kendal Wong (Liberty), Linzella Tillery & Stacey Wise (VSU); and also to Board Members: Adrian Robertson, Dawn Sallas, Tyler Darden, and Meena Khalili.

By AIGA Richmond
Published October 15, 2012