AIGA Richmond Presents Ashleigh Axios – #ThanksObama

Join AIGA Richmond and Ashleigh Axios on April 27th @ 6pm!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how innovative design and digital strategy happen in-house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during the Obama administration. Hear her team’s tactics for tackling limited resources, overcoming impossibly quick timelines, experimenting while in the public spotlight, and not just taking criticism, but intentionally seeking it out. Ashleigh will show-and-tell how her small design team transformed daunting challenges into successful digital campaigns in a talk packed with tips and nostalgia.


Ashleigh Axios is an international speaker, strategic creative, and an advocate for design’s ability to break barriers and create positive social change. She leads The Studio, where she functions as an executive creative director for Automattic, a company with the mission to democratize publishing and commerce. She is guiding the formation of the inclusion portion of Automattic’s first design language, Muriel — establishing how inclusion can be a key ingredient for the success of digital products and communications. She is an executive board member for AIGA, the professional association of design, and an editorial board member for Design Observer. Ashleigh served as the creative director and a digital strategist for the Obama White House, bridging two presidential terms, in the first-ever Office of Digital Strategy. She is also the president emeritus of AIGA Washington D.C., where she formed DotGovDesign, an initiative and conference connecting and empowering government designers. She is a graduate from, and a current alumni advisor to, Rhode Island School of Design.

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By AIGA Richmond
Published April 7, 2018